Whether you're looking for head shots for your professional resume or candid photos to capture priceless moments at your event, we have the skills and experience to suit your needs.  We are a duo that have been shooting in New York for the past few years who will travel to you to take the pictures you need. 

We will take the time to speak to you to fully understand the type of pictures you would like and work with you to bring your vision to reality.  We specialize in event and portrait photography as well as artistic and dramatic shots.

Our prices are reasonable and we have a quick turnaround for editing and electronically delivering pictures to you.  Upon request, we can have prints available for purchase afterwards.  

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns and we will have an answer for you in less than 24 hours.  

Thanks again!

Bearded Monkey Photography

Pat Kearns

In 1988, Pat was born to the sunny coasts of Virginia. In his childhood, he found a passion for art. He took that passion through school, graduated with it, and then looked north through a camera lens - to a place where the sun sits a little farther south in the sky - New York. 

Over five adventurous years in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and beyond - scrutinizing the minutia, reveling in the bliss and mourning of others, and generally taking in the world through his viewfinder - he has confirmed what he has always known: that life is strange, people are good, and you're at your best when being your strangest.

He at once tries to funnel this through his photography and aims to express his full technical and creative acumen in achieving the ideal picture every time. 


Taz Chisti

Taz, a Londoner by heart and a New Yorker by trade, fell in love with photography when he was 15 - upon 'borrowing' his dad's camera. He quickly found a calling to the candid, even to the point of ire when his subjects ventured to crack a smile. Over time though, he learned that there's more joy to be had in engaging directly.

To a photographer, there are three faces a person might have: the unscrutinized, a person's true and vulgar self when they think they're not being watched; the public face, the impenetrably perfect shell and a complete waste of film (tell us how you really feel!); and the lapse, a fleeting moment of thrill that lingers between knowing you're on camera and momentarily forgetting. Taz likes to bring people to this point.

For the past 5 years, he has been haunting Brooklyn and Bushwick clubs, warehouses, and events pushing the mantra, "dance like a monkey - yet effortlessly cool." He makes his way through the dance floors, into the private booths, and onto the stages, always waiting for that moment, the lapse, before immortalizing it in black and white.